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I love pizza, and today, I’m taking my wife and son to get some of the best pizza in my area. Did I mention it was all-you-can-eat? So yeah, I expect to come home a few pounds heavier…

Do you ever like to indulge every now and then? What do you indulge in?

Speaking of indulging, I like to indulge and divorce my money from time.

What I mean is creating assets that make money regardless of the time I put in on it.

Here is a clear example:


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Notice in that screenshot above that I have a video that has generated nearly $700.

It’s done that over about 90 days.

Here is the kicker: that video took me about 6 hours to complete.

This means that one investment of 6 hours of my time has created a perpetual income stream that earns me about $230 every 30 days.

I haven’t had to do anything else in addition to the video; I just post and let it sit.

That is the side hustle I am doing now… trying my best to work on projects that continue to generate revenue without me having to work on them.

But, these types of revenue streams take time to develop, but they are totally worth it.

Are you creating content online?

It could be anything… Twitter/X, YouTube, Instagram, heck, even Facebook (people still use Facebook?)

Here is a quick framework to use to earn money, as this YouTube video is earning.

  1. Create content people WANT to watch

  2. Find a way to monetize like Ads, referral marketing, or sponsorships

  3. Collect easy checks

I’ve had a few reach out asking if I did anything coaching or training for what I’m doing, if you’d like some help, please let me know.

I’m only going to put something together if you are interested in learning how to grow a side hustle.

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