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Hey hey!

The weekend is done and I didn’t get a chance to play golf… I plan on going sometime this week, but it depends on the weather, we will see.

If you’re like me, things don’t always go according to plan, but let’s give each other permission to not be on the ball constantly and take time for ourselves, shall we?


Ahh… that’s better, right?

Anyway I have something for you that I think can be helpful.

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Side Hustles can be tough because we usually start them out on our own.

But just like a seed that lands on hard concrete rather than buried in rich soil, if we don’t start off with the side hustle right, we will fail before we even start.

“Nipped in the bud,” if you will.

So how can you start a side hustle that does require you to go out and hire a bunch of people? Something that you can do on your own while you fit it in between work and kids?

I was in that same boat a few years ago, and I had to pull some Superman-style heroics to pull it off. But I learned 3 things that I want to share with you…


I want to personally help you be successful with any endeavor you put your mind to, and this video will help shortcut it.

Hit me up with any questions…

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