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Welcome back to the Extra Paycheck!

Today, I want to help you earn some money.

But there is one thing that most new side hustlers forget…

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What is that thing most side hustlers forget?

You should check out this 36-second video from Mr. Beast.

In case you are in a hurry, in short:

  • Your first attempt at your side hustle is probably not going to work out well

  • Your first few attempts at the side hustle will probably not work out very well

  • But you must GET TO WORK and just start

  • Decide to do it 100 times and THEN make a decision to continue

That is wise advice.

Now, Mr. Beast is mainly talking about YouTube, but this goes to anything we want to do.

The secret is to just get STARTED. That is what most side hustlers fail to do.

Realize it is going to suck when you first get started. No one is great at everything.


I always love a good Back to the Future reference, but it makes more sense here than anywhere else.

We are humans that get better the more we do anything.

Remember when you started a new job and maybe at first felt a bit shy or timid to do certain things… but after 6 months or a year, you are running things and probably smarter than your boss?

That is you when it comes to anything, but you have to put in the time and effort.


So, where do we find the time?

Here are a couple of tricks I use to find extra time.

Stop binging on TV shows on Netflix or wherever you stream.

Look, I like a good Loki or binge on The Office. But you need to make a sacrifice for the greater good in your life.

Wake up and hour earlier or stay up an hour later

Did you know that Jeff Bezos (head of Amazon) actually has 25 hours in a day?

Ok, you got me, I’m lying.. he doesn’t. He has the same 24 hours we all do.

So it is up to us as to how we use our 24 hours. Make time for important things like family and health but make some time to work on something that will eventually be bigger than you, like your side hustle.

Replace music with learning

Audible and Podcasts are my weapons of choice when it comes to learning and being inspired.

Books like The 4-Hour Work Week, Atomic Habits, Expert Secrets, etc.… have changed the way I view not just my businesses but how I view life.

They help you make a mindset shift. I used to listen to music all the time, but now I listen to things that teach me something so I never stop learning.

You don’t have to give up music completely, but set goals to finish a book or podcast that will give you some help to get started and hit the ground running.

Those are my tips…

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