When your side hustle goes wrong


I’m having a pretty good week, how about you?

I hope great, but if not, I’ve got a story for you

One time, I was trying to earn a few extra bucks, and I attempted to buy and sell iPhones and made the big mistake of buying from an overseas wholesaler to claim to sell authentic iPhones.

I know it sounds crazy to make such a boneheaded mistake, but this was around the time when iPhones were still very new and, even back then, selling for nearly $1,000 each. This wholesaler was selling them for 300 each.

Well, long story short, I ended up losing $3,000 that I had borrowed from my Dad, and I felt TERRIBLE.


It took me years to get over it. In fact, I’m still a little upset with myself about it, and it was over a decade ago.

Why tell you this right here? Right now?

Well, because mistakes happen. And even though I royally messed up, I kept going. I kept trying new business ventures and side hustles until I found one that stuck, and now I have the freedom within my schedule to do my own thing when I want (like play golf, lol)

So, whatever side hustle you try or whatever just keep going until something works, I just thought I’d send over a little encouragement today. Just in case you needed it.

That’s all

Chat soon,
Chris Myles

PS. There is a fairly easy side hustle that I’m doing right now that is free to start. I talk about it in this video right here: https://youtu.be/m5kwzFm6q-Y

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