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Did you know I play golf? It’s got nothing to do with side hustlees or Youtube, but it’s part of my world and I wanted to share it with you today! I hope that’s OK. In fact, sometime this week my wife agreed to come with me golfing.

Don’t worry, I’m scared, too, haha.

Speaking of things you didn’t know… I was thinking about things I don’t know about side hustles. So I spent some time on google and found some really interesting stuff.

Care to read my 3 Fun Facts?

#1 - The term “Side Hustle” first appeared in 1950, which basically meant “additional job.”

#2 - The first YouTube video was called Me at the Zoo. You can check it out here

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#3 - The side hustle that helped me ditch my 9-5 was not my first go at business. I had tried about 10 different businesses before one clicked and I retired my wife.

I could go on, but I do have some video editing to do and the channel got it’s first Sponsorship deal, which is freakin’ awesome!

Hit reply if you’ve got any that I didn’t mention!

I’d love to learn form you, too!

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