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$50,000/month Posting Online

This guy is an inspiration.

He is a relatively new YouTuber named Joshua Mayo.

He is a “finance” creator helping people earn revenue online and invest (ironically, two of my favorite subjects)

And his growth over the last year or so has been so inspirational that it has gotten me to pick back up the mantle of being a YouTuber.

And over a year ago, he earned about $50k per month or around $600,000 in a year.

Fast forward to this year, and he has earned over $1.5 million.

Not bad, huh?

But what’s really cool is that (at least in the beginning) he didn’t have a course or sell his own product. He made the majority of his revenue from Ads and affiliates on YouTube.

He’s done so by pumping out high-quality videos that make people click and hold their attention for a long time.

One of the hurdles that I had when I started the Benji’s Dad channel back in 2017 was a lack of editing skills. You could go back and see some old videos, and my god, they were terrible.

It honestly came from a lack of knowledge.

If I had the knowledge back then with what I’ve learned in Josh’s recent course about growing on YouTube, I’d have more than 60k subs. Maybe more like Josh, since he is closing on 1 million.

I was JUST about to buy a 1-on-1 session with Joshua, but then he dropped something MASSIVE.

I have a sick addiction to buying courses, but I toned it down A LOT in the last couple of years; however, when Josh dropped his course, I bought it without hesitation.

And as you can see from my latest vids, the production quality on them has skyrocketed.

The growth on my channel will be a bit slower as I try to resurrect it, but the second video I posted already has around 14,000 views and is climbing.

I mention this because Josh has a discount that is currently going on the course where if you use code “100OFF“ you will get, well, $100 off (go figure, lol)

Just a cool bonus, for anyone who enrolls in Josh’s course in the next 3 days (ending Feb 24th at midnight EST), I will give you a free video audit of your Youtube channel (or if you don’t have a channel yet, help you flesh out an idea)

Pretty cool, huh?

chris myles

I believe in you,
Chris Myles
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