How to go VIRAL on YouTube

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I’m sitting and drinking coffee out of my French press because I love coffee, ready to take on another day. It’s been tough the last few weeks just making consistent moves with my business or anything in life for that matter… do you ever feel that way?

Anywho… check out this picture…


This is a BRAND new channel that is blowing up with only 10 videos on it.

4,000+ views on a brand new channel is wild to me, but I’m doing some very specific things that is making this possible.

DISCLAIMER… I don’t have a course or membership to sell you, haha… just a few thoughts from one of my favorite side hustles.

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We all want to earn something on the side so we are not so dependent on jobs, and one of my favorite ways to do that is to create viral videos.

What really works for this is coming up with good ‘ideas’ for videos. Meaning what are people interested in watching and learning.

However, one thing that I struggled with was knowing for sure that a video idea was “good” enough.

Honestly, I still struggle with that, but I am getting better, and I want to share with you a few of the things I’ve learned so you can take it and run with your own side hustle.

There is an idea called “Niche Comparison Theory”; the idea here is to find video ideas outside of your main niche and bring them to your current niche.

It’s a lot of technical jargon, I know… but it’s kind of like this… Imagine a HUGE apple tree. This apple tree produces apples that are the size of your palm.

But those apples blend in on a big fully grown tree. But imagine plucking a big, juicy apple and then taking it and putting it on a tree that was just recently planted. It likely doesn’t even have any apples yet, and if it does, they are tiny.

Then here comes your big palm-sized apple dominating the smaller tree.

Niche Comparison Theory is kind of the same thing. We take idea from the bigger more general niches (the big apple tree) pluck the idea, and bring it to our smaller niche.

I’m telling you, this works pretty much every time.

The channel I showed you above? Almost 600 subscribers and the channel has been live for only 3 weeks. (no shorts either)

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