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I’m sitting at my cubical on the 31st floor of my job and was happy with where I was. Meaning that I had a steady job that “barely” paid the bills, but I paid them nonetheless.

Everything I had done up to this point was to set me up for this life. I had good grades out of high school, went to Louisiana State University, and got a bank job right out of high school.

I eventually got married and moved to Connecticut, where I am now, and thinking I had a good “handle” on things. But I was really like this…


But then I received an email that changed the way that I looked at everything…

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As I’m reading the email at my desk, it’s from a friend that I grew up with. Her name is Andrea.

She’s currently stationed in a 3rd World country with her husband helping build out a community.


I’m sitting at my desk trying to rub two pennies together and there she is saving the world, literally.

But the question I asked her was, “How were they supporting themselves?”

Her response?

They teach English to kids around the world.

And it was at that moment, I realized that as perfect as I had laid out my life to be where I am now (stuck in a cubical) I was working toward the wrong thing.

Instead of building the dream of someone else, I needed to build my own dream.

So, I decided to take back control of my life and even though I didn’t start teaching English, I started a business that eventually lead me to where I am right now, typing up this story to help you see that you can build a life you want to live by just trying.

That doesn’t mean go quit your 9-5, but it does mean to not be dependent on them.

Money is a tool. Use it to buy yourself freeness of mind.

I don’t necessarily need to move to a 3rd world country, but I can do it on a small scale with my son, Benji and my wife and others in the community.

But I wouldn’t have that time if I was stuck in a cubical at work.

I mentioned it before, but check out this video where I show 9 websites that can pay you daily.

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