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Recurring revenue is all the rage.

It’s exactly how I got to a point where I could reasonably and confidently wave “buh-bye” to my old 9-5.

There is an old marketing phrase that says, “If you don’t have recurring revenue, you don’t have a business.”

So yeah, it’s that important.

So, how do you get recurring revenue?

Easy… solve a recurring problem.

Ok, maybe not that easy, but all you need is some direction.

The direction I took a while ago was from Dave Sharpe.

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Dave is an old-school digital marketer, and I believe he has generated 8 figures in revenue. (that means tens of millions)


But he did it in a very specific way. Teaching a legit and ethical way to market any product you want.

This means that if you find a process that can pay you money consistently, you can market it to anyone consistently.

When I was just getting started, the initial training was $7 to get access to a pretty valuable training teaching and giving you some quick wins in the digital marketing landscape.

It’s professionally crafted and personalized with a 1 on 1 coach. And it’s just awesome.

I remember when I started, within 30 days, I had generated about $15k. Which is wild…

Since then, I’ve driven hundreds of thousands in sales largely based on the teachings I got from Dave and the program.

Could you set something similar up for your favorite hobby (or niche)?

To see what I’m talking about, check out the 10-minute video right here:

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