My $5,000 per month Skill

I was sitting at my computer, getting ready to click the big green “Purchase” button on the screen, but before I could do it, a sharp fear and pain came over 27-year-old body.

After I clicked this button, my whole life was NEVER going to be the same.

The purchase? It was nothing but the biggest decision of my life.

An engagement ring.

I had been dating my wonderful girlfriend at the time for about a year and she was perfect.

I went to her house (yup, she owned a house on her own), and she cooked a full-course meal from scratch. She understood the value of having a budget and was respectful of her family, my family, and me.

She had it all (and still has it all).

Yet, still sitting in my warn-out LSU-branded gaming chair (I’m from Louisiana), I was still terrified about closing the deal.

Remember, she was perfect for me, so my hesitation had nothing to do with her and everything to do with me.

How am I supposed to care for a wife and, hopefully, a family?

I had a steady job at a local bank, but I was going to quit because I was moving across the country to where she lived in Connecticut.

I laid my head on the keyboard, contemplating, “What skill do I have that I can use in Connecticut?”

Because my face was smack dab on the keyboard, my silver, old-school 2007 Dell laptop started beeping strangely.

I looked up, and the screen had the “blue screen of death” thing going on, but I was a wiz at the computer, so it didn’t take me long to read the screen, press a couple of buttons, and be back at the diamond website getting ready to hit purchase.

But that is when it hit me like a ton of bricks… Information Technology or IT.

The bank I worked at was super small so I wore a lot of hats, not just counting money. I was the backup IT guy when the main lady was busy or on vacation.

At that moment, sitting in my chair and looking at the “Purchase button,” I convinced myself that I could find a job in IT when I made it to Connecticut.

So I did it… without much more thought, I hit purchase and screamed out, “That’s it, I’m moving to Connecticut”

But then the job hunt started, and it was slow.

I had no IT certifications and pretty average experience, but I was determined.

I eventually got a job at a hospital helping out in their IT department paying $5,000 per month, but it was after almost 5 months of being unemployed.

Those 5 months were tough— a newly married man with no job and very few prospects.

But one thing that could have made the process a lot easier was an internship and training on how to be a real IT professional.

Something similar to CourseCareers.

Course Careers provides training and a career path to get hired at some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

They work with Yelp, UberEats, Angi, and even Intuit (the tax company).

I can only imagine how much easier life could have been if Course Careers existed at the time. I wouldn’t have had to live for 5 months with no income.

But perhaps I can give you a “leg up,” today, and if you are looking for something in the tech space, Course Careers may be helpful for you.

They have training in Technology Sales ($60k-$80k per year), Software Development ($70k-$90k per year), and User Interface Design ($50k-$80k per year).

These are just a few of their many courses. In fact, there is even some Human Resources training.

Course Careers is free to join and if you want to dive in deeper, there is even more training to teach you valuable skills to get paid sooner rather than later.

Click here to give Course Careers a try or click the button down below

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